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SharePoint is an efficient money-making platform for organizations that solves people’s problems. If you’re not solving problems, you’re losing money! 

Helpful tips and tricks that demonstrate how to utilize SharePoint in order to engage and empower the workforce.

What are the capabilities of ShareKnowledge,
the first corporate SharePoint-based LMS?

Easily store, sync, and share all your important content

Easily store, sync, and share all your important content

Fast and flexible testing with integrated tools

Use any type of learning material or activity

Fully exploit flexibility to create your ideal learning processes

Every training process participant obtains the necessary permissions

Can be integrated with anything: HRIS, Outlook, Webinars

No need to learn to use a LMS – learners just learn

A reporting approach that serves your business goals

Stay connected, share knowledge with coworkers, customers, managers and more.

Matthew Smith

"For the CorVel operations team, the adoption and launch of ShareKnowledge was completely transparent. Operations team members were encouraged to “simply visit the CorVel intranet and take your necessary training.” Trainees never knew they were leaving the intranet and entering ShareKnowledge. This provided a seamless experience for the trainee. As the entire organization accesses the intranet on a daily basis, seamless access to ShareKnowledge sustained familiar intranet traffic patterns."

Matthew Smith, Documentation & Training Manager, CorVel Corporation
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