ShareKnowledge is a corporate Learning Management System that SharePoint users will love to use.



  • Works as a part of SharePoint
  • Has any learning workflows you need
  • Is so easy to use – learners and managers love it
  • All content and training types can be used to train staff
  • Integrates well with an HRIS and Active Directory


The new version of ShareKnowledge has numerous enhancements that will allow you to more effectively manage your offline training. It features an enhanced Instructor-Led Training (ILT) integration, and plenty of other new elements.


Recent Enhancements:


Wait Lists

  • You may experience having more registrations than you have room for. Now you can easily manage registrations for courses that are overbooked, or "sold out". New Wait Lists will help you manage those instances when you have more learners than seats available.


Preliminary Course Enrollment

  • When planning your users' learning activities, getting calendars to align for everyone involved can be... well... involved! Now the Preliminary Course Enrollment feature makes scheduling and calendar alignment fast and easy!


Web Meeting/Training Support

  • ShareKnowledge LMS is now integrated with web conferencing tools such as Adobe Connect, Lync, GoToWebinar and many others! It has an off-the-shelf integration module, allowing for fast set-up.


We're so confident that you will love ShareKnowledge LMS that we'd like you to try it for yourself, FREE for 30 days. There's no obligation - simply complete the contact form on this page, and we'll get you started!



"ShareKnowledge has given us the peace of mind that every single one of our learners, from tech savvy to tech challenged, can meet their training requirements efficiently and effectively while elevating the goals and standards of the organization."

Sean Claremont, QHSE Manager, High Arctic Energy Services



"For the CorVel operations team, the adoption and launch of ShareKnowledge was completely transparent. Operations team members were encouraged to "simply visit the CorVel intranet and take your necessary training". Trainees never knew they were leaving the intranet and entering ShareKnowledge. This provided a seamless experience for the trainee. As the entire organization accesses the intranet on a daily basis, seamless access to ShareKnowledge sustained familiar intranet traffic patterns."

Matthew Smith, Documentation & Training Manager, CorVel Corporation



ShareKnowledge Happy Clients: