Talent Management System

Support your workforce and increase productivity and efficiency

ShareKnowledge, a learning management system built for SharePoint, improves business value by offering features of a talent management system that can strategically help reach company goals and objectives.

In this day and age, companies are paying more attention to how they attract, train, develop, retain and promote employees throughout the organization. Why? Because employee turnover is expensive and highly disruptive to business. However, statistics show that when employees are content they’re engaged, loyal and productive. And, as a result, companies reap the benefits in a multitude of ways - revenue, customer satisfaction, quality, productivity, cost, cycle time and market capitalization.

Why choose ShareKnowledge as a talent management system?

Creating a higher performing workforce is easy with talent management in ShareKnowledge. Performance development is simplified by removing the cumbersome task of collecting information via forms and surveys and turns the complicated administrative process into an easy and relaxed experience. ShareKnowledge as a talent management system will not only help spot the strongest candidates in your organization but also point out the weakest and assists them in growing and retaining their position in the organization, resulting in more motivated employees.

Bolster employees' skills and boost organizational output

A good talent management system identifies internal and external candidates using profiles with key filters, competencies and skills. This gives companies the ability to evaluate the quality of employees and help decide ‘fit-for-the-role’ on merits of talent and enthusiasm to grow within your organization.

  • Talent Optimization
  • Profile Management
  • Career Pathing – Employee or Employer Managed
  • Full time, Part time & Contract Employees
  • Internal & External Talent Matching
  • Attrition Risk Matrix
  • Talent to Watch Matrix
  • Competencies & Task Management
  • Succession Planning

Increase job satisfaction and job loyalty with performance development

There are tremendous benefits to managers, employees, and organizations that invest time and thought into performance development practices. When done consistently and well, these practices result in better performance on the individual and organizational levels, higher satisfaction and morale among staff, retention of strong performers, and an effective means for correcting poor performance.

  • Engage and motivate
  • Options for Standard; Self; 360; Peer; and/or Team Assessments.
  • Speedy access to current and previous assessments.
  • Improves employee performance through consistent and comprehensive communication.
  • Save time and effort
  • Full company roll-up of employee performance.
  • Provides insight on inconsistencies within your organization and helps you to remove loopholes.
  • In-depth filtered data on employee performance by department, location, job title or individuals.
  • Data views and statistics​​
    • Instant pie-chart assessment view of employee performance data
    • Graphical view on performance statistics for any/every employee
    • Understands performance progress of an organization or individual in real time.
  • Goals and training modules
    • Enables you to set and manage relevant goals and training requirements by employee or department.
    • Updates progress and access data in real time to support the employee process.
    • Tie goals and training directly to the performance management of employees
  • Administration
    • Allows you to instantly update relevant organizational information such as adding or reassigning employees.
    • Add, modify and delete performance assessment criteria.
    • No need to wait for a database update for information to become current.
    • Provides visibility into the administration of your organization’s performance management.


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