LMS Integration

Fill in the functionality blanks with a complete system that extends your LMS

ShareKnowledge Connector is a training and compliance solution built for SharePoint that fully integrates with your existing LMS and ERP systems. ShareKnowledge is the perfect solution when your current LMS doesn't quite meet all your needs or you just need your SharePoint to 'work better.'

It goes without saying that not all systems will have every feature available. While your current system may perform well for 80 percent of your needs, there will be times when your organization could benefit from that last 10 percent of functionality. This is where adding ShareKnowledge Connector can help fill in the blanks – whether your needs require additional tracking and reporting, better compliance capabilities, or just granting full control of all sales training, management and administration to the sales manager.


Why choose ShareKnowledge Connector?

ShareKnowledge Connector compliments a wide variety of needs and can easily integrate with ERP solutions and most other systems. Its unique PowerSync™ feature provides an integration solution that seamlessly “talks” to other systems and can utilize your organizational data, HRIS and Active Directory. For example, an organization can take advantage of ShareKnowledge Connector for specialized tracking and reporting and then easily push that data back to their LMS in an automated, simple manner.

With highly flexible permissions and control, ShareKnowledge Connector can be the LMS extension your organization is looking for – from automating the team onboarding process to meeting team level development objectives. All of this and more can be achieved without interfering with your existing LMS permissions and control. ShareKnowledge also enables distributive training management so any team, department or group can manage their own training without interfering with centrally managed training. You get the benefits of centralized training management and control with the flexibility of distributed training when needed.

Find out how our clients have benefited from utilizing ShareKnowledge Connector.


team training in SharePoint

Use Case #1

CorVel, a leading provider of risk management solutions, had an existing LMS but came to ShareKnowledge when they needed additional features that were not capable in their current system.

More specifically, CorVel needed help tracking continuing education credits and attendance for training webinars as well as awarding CEU credits. And, most importantly, they wanted a system that could integrate with their SharePoint system. 

With ShareKnowledge Connector, they were able to reach their business goals and monetized benefits of approximately $500,000 during the first year in operation.

team training in SharePoint

Use Case #2

A global educational services organization had extensive training requirements for their 5,000 partners and 40,000 teachers and learning professionals each year.

With Shareknowledge,they were able to integrate in real time with their Salesforce CRM for user management and Adobe Connect for live webinar delivery and attendance tracking.

As a result, they are now realizing the benefits of a more powerful social and collaboration feature set that further enhances knowledge transfer and engagement of their training.

team training

Use Case #3

A Fortune 500 client had a working LMS, but multiple departments, sub-divisions and subsidiaries lacked the control they needed to train their people adequately.

ShareKnowledge extended the capabilities of their SharePoint while PowerSync delivered the training results back to the corporate wide LMS and ERP system. Individual departments can assign, manage and track on all of their own unique training without interfering with global training efforts.

ShareKnowledge allows precise and distributed training permissions so any organizational unit can function autonomously within the system while allowing centralized management when needed.