MyLearning 365 offers option for simple training needs

Microsoft Web app provides learning management features for uncomplicated training requirements

MyLearning 365 was created and developed for those organizations requiring simple training features combined with the convenience and flexibility of a Web-based system.

Microsoft Office 365 and its full suite of apps make it possible to work anywhere, anytime, on any device. And, with mobile phones and tablets becoming an inseparable tool in daily life, mobile training offers a great way to enhance the overall learning experience for those on-the-go and/or in multiple locations.


What exactly is MyLearning 365?

The MyLearning 365 app is fully SCORM compliant and easy-to-use. This basic online training app provides the following capabilities:

  • Course management
  • View MyLearning dashboard and take courses
  • Learning and administrative roles
  • Reporting
  • Supports Microsoft Office documents

To use this app, Internet Explorer 9 with the latest security updates is needed as well as a valid O365 subscription. 

Who benefits from MyLearning 365?

MyLearning 365 offers a lite version of ShareKnowledge LMS and provides a great solution for small business or organizations with simple training.

  • Do you have a dispersed sales team that needs flexible training while they’re out in the field? Or, learners in various geographic locations that prefer training available at their fingertips when they need it?
  • Would you like to easily track document compliance, eLearning and tasks for your Office365 users?

These are just a couple of examples of use cases for the MyLearning 365 app. To find out if MyLearning 365 is the right training solution for your needs, fill out the form and speak with a representative today!