Compliance Training Solutions

Seamless compliance training solutions for regulated industries

ShareKnowledge, a learning management system built for SharePoint, offers a secure, comprehensive and stress-free compliance training solutions for companies in regulated industries.

Training and compliance is now more than ever a necessity in the corporate world. Adhering to applicable laws and regulations concerning your business is vital and failure to do so can lead to severe penalties. Leveraging an option like ShareKnowledge for training and compliance can effectively reduce security risks and challenges associated with compliance.

Clients, like NASA, trust us for their compliance training solutions as well as the following industries: aerospace, federal government, defense and many more.


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“HIPAA and compliance training for over 3,000 employees is a big task – much more than our former LMS could provide. By choosing ShareKnowledge compliance training solutions, we were able to easily offer specific training for selected groups, track weekly training webinar attendance for CEU credits, and receive detailed record keeping. ShareKnowledge did just what it said it would do and we couldn’t be happier.”
Matthew Smith, Corvel Corp.


Why choose ShareKnowledge for building compliance training solutions that fit your company's needs?


Increase security by capturing acknowledgement with an e-signature


  • Add an e-signature to training materials to ensure learner has acknowledged that they have read and understood the content.
  • Choose from a two-part authorization e.g., username and password.
  • Or, a simple check box.
external training in sharepoint
regulated content in the learning management system

Build compliance training solutions with ShareKnowledge and never again worry about out-of-date, non-compliant content


  • Reduce multiple versions of documents with a centralized SharePoint location for all training materials.
  • Automatic restrictions on changes to training material once it's connected to an e-signature provides added security.
  • Additional training requirements can be added along with an e-signature including face-to-face trainings, reading activities, eLearning, quizzes etc.
  • Schedule recurring events automatically for refreshment trainings on compliance.

Keep everything well documented with customized workflows and reports


  • Schedule a compliance quiz to be sent automatically after a training course is completed.
  • Training content and post-acknowledgement test results are archived to ensure an auditable record. 
  • Receive feedback from surveys connected to compound learning courses.
  • Create an ad hoc training report for future use. Or, choose a customized report to share with colleagues.


Training and compliance solutions should begin and end with ShareKnowledge. Highly regulated industries choose ShareKnowledge because of its reputation for top notch security, thorough audit and workflow systems, centralized documentation, e-signatures and personalized learning paths with certification.

What makes ShareKnowledge stand out from the rest?

  • ShareKnowledge is tied to your IT system and as a result, inherits all existing authentication protocols. A SharePoint-based LMS is able to take advantage of your active directory policies and standards, established authentication and security processes and can integrate with most systems including HRIS, CRM, ERP and others.
  • Rigorous record keeping capabilities of an LMS like ShareKnowledge sets them apart from the rest. Training and document management under one roof enables airtight security and most up-to-date versioning of important SOPs and training records.
  • Certification helps provide documentation on when employees were trained and how they have kept up-to-date. This is a feature that is very important for compliance. Training is not enough anymore and ShareKnowledge provides proof of ongoing education through its certification program within the system.

The risks associated with a compliance breach can wreak havoc on a company’s reputation as well as hit you in the pocket book. Don't let this be your company.

Training with ShareKnowledge prepares your business for even the worst scenarios by helping you achieve greater compliance training completion rates and seamlessly track the progress of your learners to prove just how compliant your organization is.