SharePoint customer portals that make money

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Chances are you’re one of the 160+ million people utilizing SharePoint for your business. Technologies come and go, but SharePoint is here to stay. The golden child of Microsoft, SharePoint currently has experienced a 200 percent monthly active user growth. It’s the modernized content collaboration platform and the statistics are staggering!

Let’s face it, what other content management platform hosts over 7 billion Office docs and experienced a 500 percent year-over-year content growth? The proof is in the pudding…we’re all using SharePoint to some extent.

But, did you know there is a way to expand on the capabilities of SharePoint customer portals…and make money doing it?

While customer portals for the extended enterprise may not sound like a revenue generator, their potential may be surprising. An effective customer portal should offer much more than just convenience but rather a secure, customer-only area on your site where products can be purchased, support requests, update account information, access product updates, take training courses and more.

If you have SharePoint Foundation, there is one simple tool can extend the functionality without the need for a costly upgrade. ShareKnowledge is the perfect add-on to your SharePoint deployment that will not only enhance but monetize your customer portal.

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