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SharePoint Total Cost of Ownership 

Are you considering a Learning Management System?

ShareKnowledge presents the Total Cost of Ownership review that examines the value proposition of an LMS-SharePoint fusion from the perspective of a committed SharePoint adopter considering non-SharePoint SaaS and non-SharePoint on-premises LMS solutions.

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For organizations that are committed SharePoint users and those that have decided on SharePoint as their corporate enterprise Content Management Solution, a SharePoint-based LMS is the clear winner from both value and functionality perspectives. Among LMS-SharePoint combinations, ShareKnowledge is a corporate LMS category leader that belongs on any purchaser’s acquisition shortlist.

Adding an LMS to work as a part of SharePoint gives users a holistic Enterprise Content and Learning Management solution with benefits much greater than the sum of its parts. Consider just a few key benefits:

-  Delivers low user-per-month total costs of ownership that compare favorably to SaaS solutions but ShareKnowledge offers the manageability and security of an in-house solution.

-  Leverages the existing SharePoint infrastructure, with no extra infrastructure costs.

-  Increases the use of your SharePoint investment with your Learning Management and Enterprise Content Management integrated in one system.

-  Eliminates additional LMS training costs for administrators and end users. This has already been covered in normal SharePoint training.

To increase the likelihood that employees and contractors have timely participation in mandatory training and make the best use of optional learning, it makes sense to have training available where prospective learners spend much of their time. For many organizations, this means SharePoint. Does it make sense to extend the SharePoint environment with a fully integrated learning management system?

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