A ‘one size fits all’ approach may work perfectly fine for things such as socks or leggings, but if you try to use it with the purchase of an LMS you are bound to fail.

Being tasked with the job of finding the perfect LMS for your company is stressful to say the least. And, for big ticket expenses, there is no room for mistakes. As a result, the RFP process has not been very popular from both a buyer and supplier perspective.

Much of the reason for such hatred is because of encounters with too many poorly written RFPs. Without a doubt, you are likely to find a standard RFP template to use on the internet but if you’re looking to waste time and money, feel free to pursue this route.

However, a well-written RFP can play a vital role in matching your organization with the LMS that best suits its needs and budget. This white paper will provide just the tools you’ll need to create a successful LMS RFP.


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