Next Gen Team Training: Forward thinking, freedom driven

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Has there ever been an example when one size truly fits all? A label that’s been stamped on everything from hats and clothing to table cloths and diapers, this type of statement couldn’t be farther from the truth.

These days it’s all about customization and has even spilled over into the world of training. Studies show that learners retain information very differently which is evident in the rapid adoption of blended learning.

This concept also holds true from a trainer’s perspective — one size does NOT fit all when it comes to team training. It is imperative that business units across an organization are equipped with the right tools to meet their specific goals and objectives. And, this often comes with unique training needs that do not always fall under the same organizational LMS umbrella.

Every organization has some type of hierarchy or chain of command that functions along the idea that all the individual units work together for the good of the whole. However, would it be safe to assume that sales and marketing will have very different training needs than manufacturing, safety and HR? Or, IT versus customer service?

While there will always be some crossover in training needs that a corporate wide LMS will suffice, there also will be an equal amount of situations where specific teams need a tailored solution. Common problems teams face include:

·        Lack of administrative access or control of the corporate LMS

·        A corporate LMS that is too complicated for small team needs

·        Inability to customize training for specific team requirements

The following white paper will discuss a solution for team training when a corporate wide LMS does not work as needed and training demands require granular, departmental, group, or team control in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment.