Content management is a game changer for any successful training program

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SharePoint as LMS and content management 

Are you currently using SharePoint as a content management system? Interested in learning how an LMS/CMS fusion is a smart training solution?

With the LMS market expected to grow 23 percent by 2018, so will eLearning. This year alone, the global eLearning market is expected to reach $107 billion and over 57 percent of organizations are utilizing some form of online and blended learning. In fact, the need for eLearning content is so great that companies are putting together entire teams of people that include instructional designers, editors, graphic designers and authoring tool specialists.

There is no question that content is king and the backbone of any learning program. Trainers spend hours putting together learning material in preparation for a class, whether in-person or online. Often, this includes multiple people and several versions of documents.

To put it in perspective, companies can produce in upwards of hundreds of eLearning modules each year from PowerPoint presentations to video, webinars and reading material to name a few. And, of course, these courses need to be updated regularly.

As you can see, content creation can be a complex process which is why it’s so important to have a good document management system in place. Because, as we know all too well, the more a document is moved the more it leaves the door open for errors. Remember the telephone game? Someone tells the person next to them a piece of information from which they tell the person next to them and so on and so forth. By the time it reaches the last person, the message is completely different. This is very much what happens when crucial training information goes from computer to computer, file to file, email to email. Uploaded into this system and that system.

Putting the horse before the cart never yields great results. You can have the best LMS and eLearning in the world but if you can’t find the right content or have problems loading it onto your LMS, you’ve wasted your time and efficiency is down the tube. 

Content management will play an increasingly important role in training and could be the game changer between success and failure for companies. Download a free white paper that will explain the importance of content management as it relates to training initiatives, tips to effectively organize content and streamline processes and why connecting your CMS with an LMS is a smart training solution.


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