Case Study: Implementing SharePoint 2013 LMS

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sharepoint 2013 lms 

Many organizations have significant investments in SharePoint. If you are already using SharePoint as a corporate intranet portal, it makes sense to consider an LMS with strong integration points to SharePoint.


Find out how CorVel saved $500K during the first year of using ShareKnowledge as a SharePoint 2013 LMS. 

CorVel has a well-developed intranet portal in SharePoint and had previously implemented a home grown SharePoint LMS using InfoPath, out-of-the-box SharePoint capabilities, and some custom code to administer and report on courses. After several years of operation, additional requirements, including tracking continuing education credits for our staff, tracking attendance at training webinars, and awarding continuing education unit (CEU) credits for watching recorded videos, led CorVel to evaluate the LMS market for SharePoint-friendly solutions.

Choosing ShareKnowledge as a SharePoint 2013 LMS delivered value to CorVel in the following ways:

- Rapid Time to Value - ShareKnowledge was fully operational in one year and they were able to retire their original LMS with minimal hassle and no surprises.

- SharePoint and Active Directory Integration

- WebEx Integration Capability

- SCORM-compliant Courses

- Ease of Use

- Life Lines Ready for Action

In addition, the implementation improved team building and morale for CorVel staff, training materials stayed fresh and highly available and there was an increase in executive confidence.

Follow their journey from start to finish and find out how they were able to solve some of their training issues by implementing an LMS built for SharePoint. 

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