Can SharePoint really function as

an all-inclusive Learning Management System

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SharePoint as LMS 

Are you currently using SharePoint? Do you have questions about what SharePoint as an LMS can and can’t do for your training needs?


Microsoft SharePoint offers a plethora of features that perform much like an LMS such as document sharing, calendaring, discussions, intranet-esque page design and of course, tight permissions for users.

So, it begs the question, can using SharePoint as an LMS offer a better, all-inclusive experience for training and development needs?

In the last year, organizations have steadily moved away from slashing corporate training budgets to increasing spending by 15 percent, a good indicator of improved economic conditions. The need for a skilled workforce is imperative and organizations are moving forward with a cautiously optimistic attitude. However, budgets continue to be highly criticized and streamlining processes for efficiency is the status quo. For this very reason, training managers are exploring already existing software operations, like SharePoint, to utilize them to their best advantage.

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