Role-Based Interface for LMS

Role-Based Interface for LMS

Role-based interface for LMS. Our system includes the following roles: Learner, Instructor, Observer, Administrator.

A unique combination of tabs for each role. Functions have been provided within the learner role to manage their learning plan. For the instructor - the ability to manage learning activities and analyze results.

Roles within individual departments. The ability to assign a role to a user, within the entire system as well as within a specific unit of the organizational structure (department, group).

Everyone learns! The Learner role is assigned to all company employees, no matter what other roles they may possess. Each employee has a personalized learning plan at their disposal, based on enrollment rules and personal assignments.

What Possibilities Does Each Role Provide For an Employee?

Learner Role in ShareKnowledge SharePoint LMS


Obtains and performs training tasks

Has access to the learning activities and materials catalog

Can request enrollment in training sessions

Instructor Role in ShareKnowledge SharePoint LMS


Manages learning materials, courses and training sessions

Provides training tasks: rule-based and personalized

Processes training results for employees of the departments/groups to which they have been assigned

Manages enrollment requests for training sessions, forms groups

What Manager sees in the LMS


Monitors their department’s training process, has access to reports on the department’s employees

Notifications in ShareKnowledge - SharePoint Learning Management System


Manages the organizational structural model, user roles

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"For the CorVel operations team, the adoption and launch of ShareKnowledge SharePoint Learning Management System was completely transparent. Operations team members were encouraged to “simply visit the CorVel intranet and take your necessary training.” Trainees never knew they were leaving the intranet and entering ShareKnowledge. This provided a seamless experience for the trainee. As the entire organization accesses the intranet on a daily basis, seamless access to ShareKnowledge sustained familiar intranet traffic patterns."

Matthew Smith, Documentation & Training Manager, CorVel Corporation

Obtain Total Knowledge Control

Role tabs.

Role-based interface for LMS provides each employee with a set of tabs corresponding to their role.

Department and workgroup permissions.

The instructors for various departments won’t be distracted by superfluous information related to other departments’ employees.

Personalized learning plan.

Each learner has a personalized set of learning materials at their disposal

Knowledge for all

Personalized learning plans and catalogs are accessible by all employees.

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