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Is ShareKnowledge compatible with SharePoint 2013? Absolutely!

Amber Rasmussen August, 2013
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is rapidly gaining in popularity. SharePoint is the perfect Platform solution to host a Learning Management System, thanks to features such as:
  • SharePoint and Microsoft security and familiarity
  • Content storage and versioning
  • Social networking capabilities like corporate forums, wikis and expert pages
  • Enhanced searching
ShareKnowledge LMS was the first SharePoint-based learning management system specifically designed for corporate training. Best of all, ShareKnowledge LMS works as seamlessly with SharePoint 2007, 2010, and 2013!
lms for sharepoint 2013
While developing each new version, we keep two major considerations in mind:
  1. Practical, efficient, and easy to use interface, for learners as well as learning managers.
  2. Flexible settings, so you can organize the educational process in the most convenient and efficient manner.
For example, in our latest version we updated the learner interface to be as intuitive as SharePoint’s new interface. We also added powerful integration with MS Outlook. Now every employee can add their LMS calendar to Outlook.
Learn more about the capabilities of the latest version of ShareKnowledge by downloading our presentation


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