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No Information Silos Allowed!

Amber Rasmussen March, 2013
Moving data from one system to another in order to get the job done?
Maintaining duplicate sets of data on the same topic in different systems?
Most of us try to avoid these types of situations: the redundancy of duplicate data. It is certainly becoming easier to avoid this as more and more integrated solutions are released into the marketplace. Enterprise-wide, integrated systems are still not a “given” though, and many information silos are reluctantly used in businesses every day. Keep this in mind when evaluating a new Learning Management System (LMS).
Most of us are aware of the advantages of integrated systems:
  • Processes can be streamlined, resulting in increased efficiencies and fewer errors. 
  • More timely information allows for better-informed decisions. 
  • Fewer systems to maintain result in reduced costs and quicker response times to changes. 
By using the ShareKnowledge LMS, with SharePoint at its core, these advantages can also benefit your training and development efforts.
SharePoint provides an integrated system for storing and sharing information and is used by many organizations to help eliminate their inefficient “information silos.” The ShareKnowledge LMS can reap the benefits of SharePoint’s integrated nature, thus ensuring that all members of an organization have access to the training and reports that they need.
ShareKnowledge also effectively integrates with other systems such as SAP and PeopleSoft, supports a wide variety of documents and files, and provides a SCORM-compliant interface to courses built with third party tools such as Adobe® Captivate® or Articulate®.
It’s important to keep the information silo in mind – as a target for elimination! – when considering your next LMS.
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