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Is your LMS Scorm compliant? And, why should you care?

Amber Rasmussen February, 2017

You probably have a checklist a mile long of various features and must-haves for your Learning Management System.  But, is your LMS scorm compliant? And, why should you care?

Let’s start at the beginning, what exactly is Scorm?

In very basic terms, scorm is a set of standards for the creation of elearning that enables a company to use it with any learning management system.


An LMS scorm compliant system should be at the top of your list of features. A few things to consider:

1.      Companies are not loyal to their LMS. In fact, 44 percent of companies are currently looking to change their current LMS. As a result, if your content does not play well with any other system, you have lost time and money because you will have to re-create everything for a new system.

2.      Scorm compliant courses are more engaging. This is a no brainer, right? Learners want interesting and interactive courses and scorm offers engaging features: directing learners to click on images and other onscreen elements, rendering dynamic text as a result, asking learners to expand components before they proceed to the next section, the inclusion of mini-quizzes embedded within the course, to name a few popular tactics.

3.      An LMS scorm offers the ability to provide user data. This is an important feature for companies so they can improve their training.  With scorm, they are able to see data regarding user-interaction with your LMS; this could include anything from user scores to whether or not users have accessed the content.


Scorm was created about 16 years ago and is the most adopted system among learning management systems. In 2013, the Tin Can xAPI was introduced which is essentially a way to track informal learning outside of an LMS.

While the two systems are very different, both provide benefits to a company in order to get a complete picture of learning activities.

The LMS scorm provides formal elearning information such as whether or not an employee passed or failed a test. The LMS Tin Can xAPI tracks things like someone watching an important training video on YouTube which is relevant to his/her training. Instead of this interaction being discounted – as it would be without Tin Can – this information is sent to the LRS as “Jenny-watched-training video”.

ShareKnowledge also provides easy features for tracking any learning activity that takes place in or outside the LMS. One of these exciting new enhancements is the ability to track all forms of external Learning. Workers learn in a variety of ways and sometimes that takes place outside of the learning portal, e.g. a community college class, on the job training, or a 3rd party professional certification. In all of these instances, learners can still get credit by submitting their learning record into the LMS. Once submitted, the instructor or manager can approve or deny the request. If there is a certificate or proof of completion, the document can also be stored along with the external learning record. Best of all, this learning becomes reportable and trackable.

To learn more about how ShareKnowledge provides a comprehensive learning management system, please call us today at 425-996-4201 or request more info by submitting our online form.

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