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How collaborative learning leads to business success

Amber Rasmussen March, 2017
Collaborative Learning

How many times have managers said ‘stop talking and get back to work’? Socializing is not widely accepted in most corporate cultures because it’s thought to be unproductive and wasteful. But, in more recent years, we’ve seen that it is quite the opposite. Collaborative learning does in fact contribute to business success by increasing productivity, saving time and empowering employees.


Collaborative learning is an educational approach to teaching and learning that involves groups of workers coming together to solve a problem, complete a task, or create a product.

Encouraging workers to reach out to one another to solve problems and share knowledge not only builds collaboration skills but leads to deeper learning and understanding.

An ATD study ‘Building a Culture of Learning’ discovered that employees at high performing companies shared knowledge with their colleagues a rate of four times greater than that of lower performing companies.

With that said, collaborative learning has a huge impact on business from recruiting to training and developing talent. And, the best part is that results are quickly measured because social technologies have a direct and obvious effect on performance.


There is never an excuse for lost productivity with collaborative learning. Workers from around the world and in different time zones can collaborate and communicate effectively. They’re able to work on projects, share multimedia, work simultaneously on the same document, communicate instantly and propose new ideas.

This is a huge bonus for companies because ultimately they are able to transfer skills between workers which, as a result, builds a more knowledgeable and efficient workforce.

Another great reason to utilize collaborative learning is the demand for it by the Next Generation Workforce, otherwise known as Millennials. Happy employees are productive employees. Building an engaging workforce in this way can increase employee retention and job satisfaction.


Who doesn’t want to save time, right? Having a central area for learning content that can be updated and accessed from anywhere is priceless. The days of searching through filing cabinets or company policy handbooks are all but gone.

A solid collaborative learning system ensures that workers can access crucial information at their fingertips – saving the most important thing, time.

Utilizing collaboration even saves time for things such as onboarding. Wouldn’t it be nice to rely on peers to get answers for day-to-day issues? Or, ask questions and receive answers at the point of need? A collaborative learning environment excels at this and much more.


Encouraging employees to work together only benefits your business. Utilizing a collaborative learning system allows even the most timid worker the ability to take part when normally they would be intimidated by raising their hand or asking a question in meetings or classes.

With a collaborative learning system, workers can coach others or take part in whatever capacity they feel comfortable. For instance, for the more quiet folks they can simply ‘like’ a comment on a discussion board while another person may begin a dialogue. It is also an opportunity to display your expertise with colleagues.

ShareKnowledge offers a complete learning experience that combines collaboration, tailored learning paths, full reporting and so much more. If you have questions about how we can help your business, please give us a call at 425-996-4201 or fill out the contact form online.

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