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ShareKnowledge Offers Advanced e-Learning System Features

Amber Rasmussen March, 2014
Advanced-features ShareKnowledge LMS

Unlike other learning management systems, ShareKnowledge LMS provides significant advantages for Learning Professionals, HR Professionals and Managers to Assign, Manage, and Report on their corporate training initiatives.

Advanced e-Learning System Features

  • Unified catalog with Push and Pull process to assign, view and access training materials
    • Assign courses and learning materials for your employees(learners) based on title, time in position, organizational units or other attributes to an individual user or a group of users(management or learning professional PUSH).
    • Provide a personalized unified catalog where employees can self-select all courses, curriculum and individual learning materials available to them(learnerPULL) within the My Learning tab.

      Advanced-features ShareKnowledge LMS

    • Variable due dates essential to meet corporate compliance requirements
      • Assign due dates based on a person's time in position or other personal attributes like title and organizational unit.
    • Conditional prerequisitesthat go beyond traditional take this course first prerequisites
      • Design and deploy personalized learning plans that support both a traditional prerequisite and a take one of a choice of classes.

More e-Learning System Functionality

  • Curriculum and Course Management
    • Central library for managing catalogs of courseware and learning materials
    • Advanced catalog publishing management system
    • Distribute courseware to individual or groups with increased flexibility
    • Bundled courses and materials for curriculum and learning plans development
    • Personalized searchable Unified Catalog of all courses and materials
    • Advanced group distribution controls
    • Rules-based auto enrollments
    • Integrated email notification rules
    • Managers and Instructors as part of enrollment and/or notification work flow
  • Grading
    • Gradebook(course records) and transcripts for Learner records
    • Manual and automatic grading
    • Custom grading scales
    • Ability to send comments and attachments with assignments
  • Reporting
    • Tracking and reporting of results for completed assignments
    • Team completion, results and status reports
    • Compatibility with advanced analytics and report tools
    • Exportable reports in multiple file formats
  • Other great e-learning system functionality supported by SharePoint web-parts
      • Integrated web-based meeting functionality
      • Social networking functionality like Wiki's, blogs, forums, whiteboards, chat
      • Compatibility with advanced analytics and report tools
      • Employee performance system synching or integration
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