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Ad-hoc ShareKnowledge LMS Reports in SharePoint

Amber Rasmussen March, 2014
ShareKnowlegde LMS Reports in SharePoint

The ShareKnowledge Learning Management System (LMS) is a “one stop training shop” for all of your planning, materials delivery, testing, and audit follow-up. One new and powerful way to report on this rich repository of training information is with Enhanced ShareKnowledge LMS Reports.

What is Enhanced ShareKnowledge LMS Reports?

Enhanced ShareKnowledge LMS Reports is an ad-hoc reporting capability that lets you build brand new LMS reports with a couple of clicks. This is an addition to the ShareKnowledge rich reporting functionality. Build your report once, save it, and then rerun it, any time. Want to share your new report with your colleagues? No problem. Whether you share it or keep it for yourself, Enhanced ShareKnowledge Reports makes your reporting tasks easy.

Build your Enhanced ShareKnowledge LMS Report by creating a “view” of selected data elements within the reporting utility, or reuse a view you or your colleagues created and saved earlier. Like the reports themselves, Enhanced ShareKnowledge Reporting lets you catalog your favorite views for easy sharing or reuse in new reports.

Formatting your new ad-hoc ShareKnowledge LMS Report is simple too. Order the reporting fields, set report breaks, and Enhanced ShareKnowledge Reports does the rest. Your LMS report is ready to run. As an added bonus, Enhanced ShareKnowledge Reports generates course status summary totals for you.

Would you like to analyze the LMS report results in Excel? Enhanced ShareKnowledge Reports outputs directly to Excel to speed your analysis work. The power of ad-hoc ShareKnowledge LMS Reports is at your fingertips.

Here is the bottom line. Enhanced ShareKnowledge Reports is an intuitive ShareKnowledge capability that makes custom reporting simple, fast, and reliable. Best of all, ad-hoc ShareKnowledge Reports is available today, so try it now. You will be glad you did.

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