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Amber Rasmussen July 18, 2017

With each new version, the ShareKnowledge training system gets better and better. This time around, customers will be introduced to a new course rating feature, improved notifications, enhanced SCORM player and much more!

 “The relationship we have with our customers is unique in that they play a crucial role in how we evolve and improve our product,” said Keth Crotty, V.P. Business Development. “We pay specific attention to our industry and create features that our clients want and need for their business.”

Amber Rasmussen July 3, 2017
microsoft partner

Microsoft has numerous products that it would make sense that there would be a Microsoft LMS, right? Well, the short answer is ‘sort of’ to ‘not really.’ This blog will explain in better detail what a so-called Microsoft LMS is, its limitations as well as solutions for a training system that works with Microsoft products.

What is a Microsoft LMS?

Long story short, there is no Microsoft LMS. Years ago, Microsoft created a free tool for very basic learning management called SharePoint Learning Kit. Let me be clear, it doesn't work as a full blown LMS.

Amber Rasmussen June 27, 2017
SharePoint Learning Management System

It’s true, we’re always looking for the next best thing in training. But that doesn’t always mean ‘better.’ SharePoint has been around for a very long time and for good reason – earning many accolades in the training space. In fact, we’re going to go out on a limb and declare a SharePoint Learning Management System the dark horse that will change the way we train. This blog will discuss the Next Gen LMS ‘buzz words’ in the industry and the answer from a SharePoint LMS point of view.

Amber Rasmussen June 13, 2017
SharPoint for Non-Profits

Non-profits face a myriad of challenges from fundraising to meeting increased demands for services to utilizing technology effectively. Technology plays a very large role in the success of a business, including non-profits, which is why this blog will focus on providing additional detail about the many reasons why all non-profits should be using SharePoint.

In the non-profit world, every resource must provide optimal benefits because there just isn’t the budget necessary to be wasteful or ineffective.

Amber Rasmussen June 5, 2017
mobile learning

Whether you’re at the movies, at a park, or in a grocery store, it is more than likely that you’ll spot someone on their mobile phone. They may be checking product reviews, an email or learning. Yes, you read that right – learning. Mobile learning is at the forefront of how we learn and is expected to grow from $7.98 billion in 2015 to $37.6 billion by 2020. Experts are calling this a ‘Mobile Revolution.’ If you haven’t jumped aboard this learning trend, this blog will further provide you with all the pros and cons of mobile learning.