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Amber Rasmussen February 20, 2018
Selecting an LMS: Ease of Use for Employees

One of the most critical aspects of a Learning Management system (LMS) is to develop and grow the skills of employees. If the system creates a barrier for employees to learn, it defeats the entire purpose of an LMS.

As a result, employees aren’t getting on-boarded efficiently, compliance training falls through the cracks and learning programs are stalled indefinitely.

This creates a huge problem.

Not only has your investment gone to waste, but now you’re left looking for another system.

Amber Rasmussen February 13, 2018
Selecting a Learning Management System (LMS): Scalability

The ability to scale is an important feature of a Learning Management System. If an LMS isn’t able to grow with your business, there could be dire consequences.

One obvious issue is the inability to add more learners to the system in a fast, efficient way. 

This is a huge and stressful roadblock. 

Your employees are the foundation and success of your business. If they aren’t learning and evolving, neither is your business.

Naturally, when a business grows this equates to more customers, more data and more resources.

Amber Rasmussen February 13, 2018
Selecting a Learning Management System (LMS): Flexibility

Choosing an LMS that isn’t flexible creates a lose-lose situation.

If it no longer suits your learning needs then you face paying excessive amounts in time and money to break your contract and switch to something else.

Or, you continue using an LMS that remains inflexible but misses the mark on potential learning opportunities that could create a profound impact on your bottom line.

This is a painful mistake to make.

Amber Rasmussen February 6, 2018
Choosing an LMS: Finance

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a big ticket software purchase. But, hidden costs and other ‘add-ons’ could take you by surprise.

One that you didn’t expect.

The purchase of an LMS should create a learning experience that ultimately impacts your bottom line in a positive way.

Does the software provide employees the ability to sell better, save better, be more aware of how they’re using company resources or make them excited to come to work every day?

If not, your LMS is not providing the return on investment (ROI) that it should.

Amber Rasmussen February 6, 2018
Selecting an LMS: Reporting

Simple and easy generally aren’t words used to describe creating reports.  More often than not the words time consuming and tedious are used.

Reports play a very important role in learning and development which is why it should be one of the top things to consider when choosing an LMS.