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Amber Rasmussen November 21, 2017
Top Social Learning LMS Features

A few years ago we were all jumping on the social learning bandwagon because it was the next ‘big thing’ in training. Some companies jumped in head first while others dipped their toes cautiously before adding social into their training programs. Regardless where you fall on the spectrum, it’s safe to say that social learning is here to stay. Now, if you’re still on the fence about social, this blog will give you more insight about what it is, how it effects your business and what top social learning LMS features you should consider.

Amber Rasmussen October 31, 2017

Love them or hate them, standard operating procedures are a necessity for running a successful business. Each year, we are faced with more and more regulations and in fact, some experts claim that the year 2017 will be ‘the Year of Regulations.’ This will, of course, create an impact on the training world. Companies need to be mindful of how they deliver training content, what departments are impacted by the new rules and how they track learning for certain workplace laws.

Amber Rasmussen September 26, 2017
SharePoint Performance Support Tool

With increased focus on ROI by Learning and Development teams and businesses seeking clear and demonstrable gains, the usage of performance support tools is finally gaining momentum. While not a replacement for formal training, PSTs are in fact a wonderful tool to boost employee performance. This blog will explain how SharePoint can be utilized as a performance support tool for maximum training impact.

What is a performance support tool?

Amber Rasmussen September 12, 2017
training for heavy industrial and construction

The construction industry is on the rise and the US Dept. of Labor projects that it will grow 19 percent from 2012 to 2022, faster than the average for all occupations. But, despite this exciting news, 70 percent of contractors say that they are having a difficult time finding qualified workers to fill these growing positions. Training will play a vital role for these industries and ShareKnowledge’s matrix reporting feature tackles the unique challenges faced by this segment of the workforce.

Amber Rasmussen August 31, 2017
ShareKnowledge Reporting

Get more detailed info from your training reports

Reporting is a very important piece of the LMS puzzle which is why ShareKnowledge is constantly adding new features. With the launch of ShareKnowledge version 6.0, they introduced two new types of reports – Question Level Report and Management Hierarchy Report.

ShareKnowledge already boasts extensive reporting features that customers have grown accustomed to. These capabilities let trainers see how training is progressing within their team and what results learners are obtaining.