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ShareKnowledge Inc. has dedicated itself to developing the corporate SharePoint-based learning management system.

We want to make corporate eLearning compelling, efficient and affordable.


We enjoy helping institutions to accomplish the goals and objectives of developing their people’s talent, all while providing a competitive edge in IT integration.

Out of the 200 plus LMS solutions being marketed today, many are still based on a legacy architecture that was originally designed to meet the needs of academic institutions. While we support academic processes and work flows, ShareKnowledge’s design priority is around the corporate environment.

Our corporate headquarters are located in Issaquah, Washington, conveniently close to Microsoft headquarters.

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Stuart Selip

"ShareKnowledge as a SharePoint Learning Management System offers the cost-effectiveness of a SaaS LMS solution and lower hardware, software, integration, administration, and user adoption costs than a non-SharePoint-based on-premises alternative. SharePoint adopters will also appreciate the risk avoidance and compliance management offered by an on-premises solution like ShareKnowledge, which cannot be matched by a SaaS LMS solution."

Stuart Selip, Owner and CEO of Principal Consulting, LLC

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