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Amber Rasmussen February 21, 2017

For many companies, an LMS for SharePoint just makes sense. The obvious reason is the utilization of software that you already have plus the integration with every other system used by your business – a major plus both functionally and financially. However, with the different SharePoint LMS systems on the market, this blog will give you some ideas to consider before choosing which system will work best for your specific needs.


Amber Rasmussen February 9, 2017

You probably have a checklist a mile long of various features and must-haves for your Learning Management System.  But, is your LMS scorm compliant? And, why should you care?

Let’s start at the beginning, what exactly is Scorm?

In very basic terms, scorm is a set of standards for the creation of elearning that enables a company to use it with any learning management system.


An LMS scorm compliant system should be at the top of your list of features. A few things to consider:

Amber Rasmussen February 6, 2017

The bulk of updates in this release revolve around courses. Here is how we’ve improved the features in the course category:

1) Creating a new course is streamlined. Instructors can now create new courses based off ones that have already been created. This means you can copy enrollment rules, personal assignments, prerequisites, course instructors and other options to a new course and allows for setting a different due date.


Amber Rasmussen January 30, 2017

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last year, you know that collaboration is the name of the game in business. This is because collaboration is tied to increased proficiencies, effectively achieving business goals and enhanced employee satisfaction. So, when it comes to corporate eLearning, it makes sense that many training managers are on the hunt for the best collaboration software on the market. This blog post will explore what to look for in collaboration software as well as a comparison of some of the leading software.

Amber Rasmussen January 3, 2017
Corporate Cross Training

In today’s dynamic world, it’s critical to have employees who are nimble and versatile. Cross-departmental training provides value to organizations by ensuring that skill sets and experience are distributed broadly.